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These players made the biggest difference in the weekend's matches. Without their support and stand out performance these games could have gone a different way. With that said, they deserve to be recognized as the El Paso Scorpions Player of the Week.

Cheers to our brothers for going all out, thank you!

Roberto Torres, Wing

Player of the Week - Albuq. Aardvarks v El Paso Scorpions 03/30/2013

Bobby played to prove a point this weekend. He was great on offense but where he stood out the most was on defense. Though we lost, he made sure that the Varks left sore and knowing that they played the Scorps. His tackling was ferocious and his rucking was on a whole other level. This is the kind of mind set we need from everyone on the team. It was awesome watching him play and playing along side him. Thank you for stepping up and giving us your all, Roberto!


Brandon "Doobie" Dubord, Lock

Player of the  Week - Las Vegas Vatos v El Paso Scorpios 03/09/2013

Doobie has been a great team player and a great team captain. He has deserved player of the week plenty of times but always passes on it so one of his teammates is recognized. Not this time! He played a solid game. Gave great support all day, was a strong influence in winning most, if not all, the scrum downs. Rucked his butt off and was very vocal as our Captain not only in keeping us composed, but in making sure we had a fair game. Doobie is our back bone and a great part of our team. Congrats Doobie on a great day of rugby!


Art Bell, Prop

Player of the Week - NMSU Chiles v El Paso Scorpions 03/02/2013

Art played his furry little heart out this weekend. He was great in the scrums and was clearing the rucks like a mad man. He may be new to this sport but has stepped up filling some big shoes. When he isn't getting so passionate about a missed call, he truly plays a hard game. He can not only give competition to chewbacca's coat, he can also compete with some strong forward players. We won't be surprised later on as he gets better and better with experience. Congrats Bell on a great day of rugby!


Ken Davis, #8 Man

Player of the All Saints Day Rugby Tournament 02/23/2013

Ken showed just what kind of player he really was this weekend. He was all over the field supporting fellow teammates and involved in rucks. If he wasn't scoring tries and hurdling opposing players, he was making tackles and shouting words of encouragement. He proved that with his team spirit, attitude, and athleticism he deserved player of the tournament. Congrats Ken on a great day of rugby!


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