Las Vegas, NM Vatos v El Paso Scorpions

March 11, 2013


Jerry Melchor

This past Saturday the El Paso Scorpions traveled to Las Vegas, NM to face off against the always hard hitting Las Vegas, NM Vatos. Though there are a lot of friendships between these two teams, that doesn't stop them from making sure that they all remembered playing each other. Before this game even started both teams knew it wasn't going to be pretty. The Scorpions travelled with a strong side that was determined to bring home the win.

The morning of the match, the Scorps met to make the long 5.5 hour drive up to Las Vegas. On the way up some of the players caught up on some sleep that was lost or still needed, others shared stories of the previous night's activities, and some just prepared mentally jamming out to their favorite pre-game music. Traveling together as a team has always created a bond that would make us put that much more effort in protecting each other, playing for each other, and shed blood for each other. In that 5.5 hour drive it seemed that we went through many variations of weather: A beautiful sunny crisp morning, a cold breeze, some light rain, a down pour of snow for about 20 minutes to some ferocious cold wind when we stopped for a much need restroom break in Tularosa. As we got closer to Las Vegas, we thought we were in for some strong winds and cold chills for the match. It turns out we really didn't have much to worry about, it turned out to be a great day for rugby.

The captain of the Vatos and the Captain, Doobie, of the Scorpions met mid field to receive last direction from the referee and to flip the coin. Scorpions chose to go against the wind first half and in turn were chosen to receive. From the beginning, it was fast play and some strong tackling from both sides. The Scorpions were able to control and hold off the strong forward play by the Vatos countering with our own strong bodies, the pack. The scrum downs have been a weakness for us before, but not today. Our big bodies were able to dig down deep and show we could hang with the larger pack of the Vatos, and ultimately be to much for the opposing side. With our pack handling much of the grunt work, the backs had to show that we could put as much into this game if not more. With that said, our speedsters in the back were able to break through the line with some great hand work and support from one another. Which led to the first try of the game with some quick support from Jon Gil and a slam down of the ball in the far right corner. Try unconverted. After that first try the Scorpions seemed to find a good rhythm which led to a barrage of scores. In the end, the Scorps showed why we are #1 in our union by putting together some great rugby.

Final Score: Scorpions 45, Vatos 21.

Its a good thing we have a bye week.  Give us time too heal all our scrapes, bruises, among other CRAY events that occurred. 

Looking forward to the next couple of matches and playoffs in April. Have to be prepared physically and mentally, which means no missing practice, conditioning, and taking care of ourselves. Until next time, stay classy El Paso. FEEL THE STING!

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