Scorpions Angelic Season Opener!

September 7, 2013


Jerry Melchor

This past Saturday was the El Paso Scorpions Season Opener and it was against our friendly rivals the Horny Toads from our sister city, Las Cruces. Before the game you could feel all the energy coming from a very strong Scorpions side and from a very eager fan base. The shows put on this day were a sight to see. KTSM Channel 9 showed up to give some love and to do a piece for the news. Mission Chevy, Spartan Supplements, 1st Degree Refrigeration and Edwards and Associates, who are key sponsors for the El Paso Scorpions were reminded this day why they support us and how we would not let them down.

The gents from the Scorps showed up early to cheer on our young blood from UTEP, the Miners Rugby Club. They went on to beat the NMSU Chilies 56-22. Great job boys! They set the tone for the more experienced Men's Club, and you know we couldn't be shown up by our younger counter parts. Though they did try their best.


As the Scorps hyped each other up, the coin flip took place and we chose to defend or recieve, whichever you prefer. The game started with Ken Davis taking the kick return at pace and greeted the oncoming defense with some shoulder drops and well place hands to their jawlines. Some quick pick and goes by the packies and the ball was out to the faster paced backs. This was pretty much the tempo all day for the Scorps. There was support on each end of the field from our big guys, you couldn't seem to have enough from them, both on offense and defense. They were offloading, rucking, scrumming, and hitting. It was a birage of big bodies.


This was key to our success, this kind of play made it easy for ball to get out to the backs so that they could work their magic. Plays were ran crashing centers, dummying backs, looping players and skipping positions. You had no idea who was going to get the ball and when. Though the Horny Toads tried their best to give us pressure, we were all ready for it and we responded in kind as one solid Scorpion unit. Comments from the Horny Toad sidelines were heard like, "these guys never knock the ball on, its like watching a football game". This is the unity we lacked last season, the unity we needed, the unity we worked on, and the unity we brought. Try after try was scored and in times with ease. Our fitness was up but our team work is what brought home the "W". You could easily sense Angels at play, there was no wind in the forecast but you could feel the air being circulated from 15 pairs of wings working together stirring the playing field.


In the end we out performed our opponents with style and grace. It was a great way to begin our season with a fantastic win and by a huge margin.

Final Score: Scorpions -62 – Horny Toads - Nil

As with every game there are things that do need to be worked on, but thats what practice is for. Correcting mistakes, making adjustments, and pushing ourselves to the next level. The El Paso Scorpions have a bye week this coming Saturday, but will be hosting the Santa Fe Santos on September 21, 2013 at Thorn Park, 2 pm. Bring your chairs, coolers, grills, and excitement. Everything that football provides and lacks, is brought to you by this amazing sport. It's the fastest growing sport in the nation for a reason. Come see what all the hype is about, I promise you won't be let down. Support your local rugby team, the El Paso Scorpions and as always....


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