Playoffs?! Playoffs?! The El Paso Scorpions are heading to the playoffs!

April 14, 2014


Jerry Melchor

The El Paso Scorpions have a huge week coming up. After a rough and hard fought second half of the season, the Scorpions have made playoffs again. Fighting through injuries and certain inconsistencies the Scorpions will be making there way up to Phoenix, Az to matchup against the Tempe Old Devils. This game looks to be a HOT one! 


The Scorpions have been training hard and will continue to do so with the help of the fearless leader Tony DiNapoli. We still have three big practices coming up and the the team will be off. When interviewing the Scorpions "Captain", Jerry Melchor, he was positive and confident in what the team can do. "We've been stepping it up these past couple of weeks, training hard, recovering from old battle wounds, and lighting fires under everyone on the Scorps. We will be ready to face a solid team from Tempe with a solid team of our own".


Looks and sounds like its going to go down in Phoenix this Saturday. I know tons of people are excited to watch the games this weekend and find out the results. So if you are in the area come out and watch the El Paso Scorpions take on the Tempe Old Devils at 2pm.

The Scorpions would like to thank all their sponsors for there undying support: Walmart Supercenter on Mesa St, El Paso, Tx; Mission Chevrolet, GERMdesign, 1st Degree Refrigeration, Spartan Supplements, and Edward and Associates.


We would also like to give our thanks to Christopher Steven for the sweet design for our playoff pic on this news article.

Thanks for keeping up with your EL PASO SCORPIONS and as always



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