2013 Santa Fe 10's Tournament

August 31, 2013


Jerry Melchor

The El Paso Scorpions travelled to Santa Fe, NM this past Sunday (9-1-2013) for the Annual Santa Fe 10's Tournament. It would not have been possible without our tournament sponsor, 1st Degree Refrigeration. It was a light squad that consisted of only 11 players and 2 great walk-ons. This means that out of the 5 possible subs the Scorpions had to do work with only 3. With that said, it would turn out to be a great show of Athleticism and Fitness that left the other teams wondering how good would the Scorps be with a full side, subs included, when 15's start.


The first game was against our neighbors to the west, the NMSU Chilies. Yours truly started the day off for the Scorps in spectacular fashion with a quick try. A superb dummy to Ken "The Viking" Davis left the opposition wondering where the ball was, all the while clouds parted and I was touched by God's shining ray of light as I swan dived gracefully, like an Angel, into the try zone to cheers of hundreds of adoring fans. Scorps lead 7-nil with the converted kick after. This first game was the only one that was a sloppy win for the Scorps due to the slow start, but in no way were any of the other games like this one.

Final: Scorpions 28 - Chilies 19


Next match up of the day for the Elite Black & Yellow, was against the UNM A-side Lobos and this was a match that I'm sure seemed to go so slow for the lobos. The Scorps were ready for this one and it showed. They started off with a quick try and then another and another and another... Everything seemed to be going right for them. Passing was flowing from left to right with the quick and accurate ball out from Jon Gil. Scrums were being dominated by our heavily strengthened yet fit pack. Kickoffs were looking brilliant with Ken Davis, Walter Waldo, Bobby Torres, and Mike Woznick leading the way. Congratulations to our newest rookie Jaime Saenz with his first try and a ZULU after the game. His 2nd try was better when he dropped his shoulder to truck a player for the try. UNM A-side were outplayed, out experienced, and completely out matched for this one.

Final Score: Scorpions 53 - UNM A-side 7


On to the next victim, the Hobbs-Miners combo. The UTEP Miners combined with the Hobbs Tigers to create a team due to lack of players on the Hobbs side. Needless to say it wasn't enough (sorry UTEP, lol). Same story here, the Scorps looked like a well oiled machine and the Hobbs Miners started off great with some solid defense. Experience came into play and some key changes were made on the offensive play side for the Scorpions. After that, they just seemed to fall right back into rhythm scoring tries. On to the playoffs as 1st seed against the wild card and tournament host Santa Fe Santos.

Final Score: Scorpions 31 - Hobbs Miners 7


After 3 games down and no losses, the Scorpions were quickly becoming a crowd favorite and an opponent's worst nightmare. Half of the game has already been won, when you get into an opponents head. This was a quick and difficult team. The Scorpions throughout the day had the upper hand with both the fitness level at an alltime high, and the experience. The Santos cancelled out ours with the experience they had on the field. Some key Argentenian players handled the pressure and the mistakes like they have been playing a long time. The Santos capitalized on the few Scorpion mistakes as did the Scorpions on Santos mistakes. What was the difference here you may ask, was that the Scorpions had stronger athletes and were way more fit. In the end this was the game changer which allowed us to pull away in the end. Great match but on to the finals against a long time rival. The Aardvarks.

Final Score: Scorpions 25 - Santos 17


Last game of the day and its for the big enchilada, Scorpions and the Aardvarks. Both teams showed great potential with solid game play all day. Both teams blowing out teams, both teams undefeated, both teams out to win the tournament. Who would be the 2013 Santa Fe 10's New Mexico Champion of the World? Who? Are you an owl?
Game started off fast and physical. Both teams looking for an advantage of some sort. Our advantage was we were physical on defense and in better shape, so we were quick to tackle and press. They would move the ball left and we were there, they would move the ball right and we were there, they would run at us and we were there hitting them in the mouth everytime. Little by little we were breaking them down with our physicality. Before the whistle at half time, we were still standing tall while 5 of their players were laying on the ground spent.

Halftime Score: Sorpions 12- Aardvarks 7.

Second half was more of the same with only one sub change to the lineup for the Scorps. The game just got more physical as it went on. Both teams were starting to get hits in, both teams were determined to win the game. The crowd was loud, the crowd was on their feet watching a true tournament final. Injuries on both sides of the field but we had just enough subs to cover. Bobby Torres was hit with a yellow card 2 minutes before the game was up on a dangerous play call that was questionable but respected. Unfortunate... Varks with a 1 man advantage. The Scorpions looked over at the ref and the Varks stood up tall and said "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" Scorps kept on with key tackles and smart play, never waivering. Scorpions Fitness level = Master. 2 minutes later and the whistle blows. GAME OVER! Scorpions back to back Santa Fe tournament Champs and New Mexico Champions of the WORLD! 
Final Score: Scorpions 19 - Aardvarks 12

See you next week in El Paso, Texas. 9-7-2013 Thorn Park 2pm. Las Cruces comes to town to face off with the El Paso Scorpions and the home crowd in the first cup match of the season. Be sure to join us.


We would also like to thank 1st Degree Refrigeration for the sponsor for the tournament as well as all our other great sponsors; Mission Chevrolet, Spartan Supplements, and Edward and Associates. Without you all this season would not turn out as great as its going to be. Thank You!

Signing off... You stay classy El Paso and as always

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