Scorpions Tested Against the Brujos.

October 5, 2013


Jerry Melchor

The El Paso Scorpions travelled to Albuquerque to take on the Brujos in what would turn out to be a competitive game. The game started out in what looked to be like another easy win for the Scorpions with them putting up points in the first 10 minutes of the game. A bad ball that was scooped up on the fly by Jerry Melchor right in front of the Scorps goal posts and taken to about mid field where he delivered a beautiful switch to Bobby "The Gentleman" Torres. The Gentleman had pace to flag it for the try but decided to be unselfish for the first time this season and passed it back in to Aaron "The Ginger" Henckel for the try under the posts. Scorps led 7 - nil. This had all the makings to see the Scorps blow away the Brujos. The Brujos had other plans. Not soon after, did they tie it up. The whole half was back and forth though many penalties were given to the Scorps for offisides stopping the game plenty of times. Right before half the Brujos got one more try in and took the lead. The first time the Scorps have ever been behind and the first time they didn't lead going into the half.

Halftime Score: Scorpions - 7 Brujos - 14


Scorpions went into halftime wondering what was going on? They new they were the better team but just couldn't put any set pieces together to make something happen. Halftime adjustments were made and half was over. Scorpions came out to recieve the ball. The fight was at a stalemate until the Scorps started driving into Brujos territory. Penatly was given and the Scorps kicked for touch around the Brujos 10 meters. Line out in and Jonathon Gil decided he had enough and advanced the ball with determination straight at the posts. Fly half jumped at Gil and a beautiful through play and offloaded to our pounding prop Rudy "The Wolverine" Acosta for the the easy try under the posts. Jerry with the Drop kick for the conversion. TIE GAME! Minutes later, another try was scored by The Gentleman to give the Scorpions the lead 21 - 14. Finally the Scorpions were making something happen. During the second half though many penalties were given and the game was stopped over and over, including for a knocked out player by Ken "The Viking" Davis and for a yellow card to Jonathon Gil. Scorpions down by one man for the next ten minutes. The Scorpions adjusted and due to having Gil off the field we ended up having less penalties and solid game play. Apparently Jonathon Gil was the trouble maker on our team. Smh... A penalty later to the Brujos allows the Scorpions to kick for touch and for better field positioning. The line out was thrown in and the Scorpions advanced. Solid play by the pack was what the Scorpions needed. Jerry Melchor picked the ball up from the ruck and used Ken Davis as a supporting player to give a beautiful dummy to the Brujos defender and Jerry was off to the races for another Scorpions Try and the bonus point. Jaime Saenz missed the conversion and that pushed the score to 26 - 14. Jonathon Gil back on the field and the Brujos score another try but miss the conversion. 26 - 19 Scorps. The end of the game was coming up and the two teams were in a battle. One beautful ruck by the Scorpions and Art "The Bear" Bell scoops the ball and bear crawls into the try zone with a MIGHTY GROWL!!! Final Try of the game and conversion made by Jerry Melchor.


GAME OVER! Scorps pulled it together in the Second half. The fitness was the difference in this game as well as getting Gil off the field. HAHA! Another "W" in the column for the Scorpions. 


Final Score: Scorpions 33 - Brujos - 19

Man of the Match: Art "The Bear" Bell


Next week your El Paso Scorpions travel to Tuscon, AZ to face off against Old Pueblo and the Magpies. Two days, two games. If you are in the area come support your Scorpions and watch some great play from the 3 teams. Stay Classy El Paso and as always....



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