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These players made the biggest difference in the weekend's matches. Without their support and stand out performance these games could have gone a different way. With that said, they deserve to be recognized as the El Paso Scorpions Player of the Week.

Cheers to our brothers for going all out, thank you!

Art "The Bear" Bell, Flanker

Player of the Week - Albuq. Brujos v El Paso Scorpions 10/5/2013

To begin, Art played his furry little heart out again this past weekend against the Brujos. He came in at half and showed that he was not only able to play prop but hooker as well. For the half he was in he showed what he and his little skull cap can do. He was fun to watch and fun to play next to. He has settled into a great player and is a huge impact player for this team. We still can't convince him to shave but will pretty much do anything else we ask of him. His play hasn't surprised us and all he is doing is getting better and better. Congrats Bell on a great day of rugby!


*Side Note: He'll keep us warm during the winter.

Lee Langston, Lock

Player of the Week- Santa Fe Santos @ El Paso Scorpions 09/21/2013

Lee has been a great addition to the team. He has worked hard and has proven to be a starting lock for the El Paso Scorpions. He played a great game and was very physical and played a very mentally sound game. He poached the ball on defense and rucked hard on offense. We expect him to keep up the great work, which we all know he will. Lee will continue to be a factor in every game and he will only get better. Congrats Lee on a great day of rugby!


Andrew Hernandez, Wing

Player of the Week -LC Horny Toads v El Paso Scorpions 09/07/2013

Andrew played as hard as his little short body would let him. He did a great job on defense making his tackles but his counters and support play is where he stood out. He helped with plenty of the tries but he was out there making more plays that set up more scores for his teammates. His attacks and counters were on point, quick, and decisive. After speaking to a few of his teammates and coach, it was conclusive that his short little legs carried him past everyone else. It was great playing alongside him and we expect him to do even greater things as the season rolls along. Thank you for stepping up and giving us your all, Drew!


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