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CIPP(Club & Individual Participation Program)

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If you are a new member and wish to play with the El Paso Scorpions. You need to register!

CIPP Registration Process

Western Rugby Union


1. Club and Member Registration is done using the USA Rugby online registration system at the USA Rugby website Online registration offers real-time registration processing. Each individual club is required to submit a “club registration” ($150). Individual club members must be registered under their respective club and at a level corresponding to the club’s competitive level (i.e., senior, college, high school, or youth non-contact). Newly registered members should show on your team’s roster the IMMEDIATELY after completing the successful transaction. The West REQUIRES that all players must be on the USA Rugby roster at the time of the match, and that failure to be on the match roster at game time is grounds for forfeiture of the match.

2. Club administrators have password-protected access to their club’s information and are permitted to enter member registrations. Alternatively, individuals can also enter their own information and affiliate with the club of their choice. Note, the membership system no longer accepts “At-Large” affiliations for members of clubs – All clubs and their members must register with their appropriate local area union (LAU) and the West.

3. Payment is made by credit card, and once payment is approved, the membership registration will be activated.

4. Invoice – If you request that an invoice be sent to you, please note that the memberships for which the invoice applies will be placed in a “holding tank” and will not be activated until payment is received. In other words, your club and/or players are not eligible to compete until payment is received and they move to active status.

5. Waiver of Release – Each registered member must sign a waiver of release – as checked on the USA Rugby website during the registration process. An original copy signed by the member must be retained by a club official as proof (preferably in a loose-leaf notebook). The members’ waivers must be available at every match. After online registration, the new or renewed member will receive an e-mail (if they provided a valid e-mail address) confirming their registration was successful.

6. Player Transfers – Players desiring to transfer clubs must complete and submit a Player Transfer Form (available on the USA Rugby website). Transfers are not permitted during the competitive season without the submission of a waiver request for eligibility purposes. Players may transfer clubs for the summer sevens season. If a transfer is desired during the regular season (i.e., after October 15th), the player must submit a request for transfer appeal (see form on the USA Rugby website) with appropriate documentation, and file an appeal with USA Rugby. (Note, this process was implemented due to member concerns about club-hopping during the competitive cycle.)


West dues are combined with USA Rugby dues. All West dues payments will be made in conjunction with your USA Rugby CIPP dues using the online registration process. The USA Rugby CIPP list will be used as the standard for all WRFU club rosters. In other words, because USA and West dues are combined, everyone member registered with USA Rugby will also be enrolled with the West. You must register using the CIPP form that is designated for the West – Pacific Coast registration.
LAU Dues. All local area union (LAU) dues must be handled directly with your LAU to be in fully compliant and eligible.

Coach registration and Background Checks. USA Rugby has established that all coaches must register using a separate Coach Registration form, AND they must agree to a Coaches Code of Conduct Form that must be submitted with your registration form. Coaches are expected to be familiar with the Coaching Ethics Code. Any coaches who may have contact with minor players (18 yrs and under) will be subject to a background check at USA Rugby expense. Coaches must agree to the waiver acknowledging the performance of a background check. If for some reason, a matter of concern comes up during the background check, USA Rugby will contact the coach privately to inform them of the finding. If the results of the background check do not permit a person to serve as a coach, the coach and the team will be notified by USA Rugby that they are not eligible to coach minors. This will be handled in as private a manner as possible. Denial of coaching status may be appealed to USA Rugby.

Membership cycle. The membership cycle for USA Rugby and the Western Rugby Union has changed to September 1 to August 31 to match the competitive cycle, effective September 1, 2008. The pro-rated dues for January 1 to August 1, 2008 are no longer in effect, and full-year dues are in place.

What are the dues amounts? The competitive level of your club (i.e., senior club, collegiate, high school, youth non-contact, etc.) determines your West and USA Rugby membership dues.

Western Rugby Union Dues. West dues were increased by the Board of Directors effective 15 August 2008 for the coming year. Senior dues went from $15 to $25 per year; College dues went from $12 to $20 per year, and high school dues went from $10 to $15 per year. There are no West dues for youth, non-contact rugby (Under-15), and there is no West “per club” dues. The USA Rugby and West dues are tabulated below.

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